Your expert for database solutions


My name is Christian Gnahn. I am master of business administration and management consulting.  I haved worked as an independent project manager for 25 years. I design customized software solutions and implement them with the assistance of my team.


My professional curriculum vitae:
1978 - 1984: university studies of business management (Diplomkaufmann) and computer sciences (University of Regensburg)
1984 - 1986: freelance IT Trainer
1986 - 1991: programmer and software project manager
since 1991: software project manager


As a master of business administration (Diplomkaufmann), I have a fundamental knowledge of economics. From my professional experience I have learned to understand my customers' processes. I know, therefore, your world, your environment, and I am able to speak your business language.


As a computer scientist,  I have systematically learned to develop concepts, as well as to program, test and roll out projects. I know how to translate customer requirements into technical solutions and create them together with my team.


What my customers appreciate about me:

  1. I see myself as a service provider, I am always within reach for you and act in a customer-oriented manner.
  2. I know your processes and understand your concerns: You do not need an IT expert to talk to me.
  3. I am your main contact person from the first preliminary meeting until project completion and take care of the entire process (including maintenance and ongoing support).
  4. I find pragmatic solutions: My goal is to satisfy individual requirements in a way that is as cost-effective as possible.


My programming languages​​:
My software solutions are usually web-based. I use the programming languages ​​that you need as a customer for your project. These mostly include T-SQL, C# and VBA, and sometimes Java. For cost-effective solutions we like to integrate 3rd party software.
Off course, my solutions do have SAP interfaces, so that you can integrate them well into your workflow. As a customer, you can work as usual with Excel, PowerPoint or pdfs and also use your solutions on Mac and Tablet devices.